How to Choose Your Pole Gear

How to Choose Your Pole Gear

Pole dancing is all about flexibility, grip and strength. You may be wondering how to choose the right pole dancing clothes. Well we’ve put together a brief guide on what is required.

When you are first beginning pole dancing, you can get away with wearing what you would usually wear to the gym such as leggings and a shirt. Occasionally, you will have to wear shorts when it comes to engaging in trickier moves on the pole. 


It is just fine wearing leggings if you are in beginner level pole dancing classes. This means that you are mainly participating in low pole flow or floor work. Wearing leggings will reduce the friction between you and the pole and enhance moves on the floor. 


Shorts are preferred by most pole dancers. They’re essential for gripping the pole with your legs, and many tricks are impossible without them! The free contact between your skin and the pole improves your grip for better execution of pole tricks as well as stopping you from slipping off the pole. 

Sports Bra

Some moves will require the use of your stomach and you could not hold onto the pole if you were wearing a T-shirt, you should wear a sports bra. It will hold your breast in place as you do certain moves on the pole. If it’s your first time attending a pole dancing class and you don’t feel comfortable wearing only a bra, you should stick with wearing a top until you feel comfortable. 


It’s pretty common for beginners to do pole dancing class in bare feet. However, you’ve probably noticed many pole dancers wear high heels. It really spices up the moves and makes you feel sexy but that’s not the only reason. High heels give you the correct posture and height, giving you longer to spin and generally help towards developing a strong inner core.

These are some essential tips that must be taken care of while selecting pole dancing clothes. Have fun on your new journey into pole fitness. It is an awesome experience and empowers many woman everywhere! 

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